July 14th, 2014 by chipocrite

Kickstarter Comp

The next 8static is Saturday, August 9! Performer details TBA, but all the usual info is the same. We wanted to throw the date out there ASAP so you can start making your plans and whatnot.

In semi-related news, the image you see to the left there is more than just a pretty sticker collage. It’s the cover art for our soon-to-be-released 8static Live compilation, which we’ll be offering to the amazing individuals who donated to our Kickstarter last year and made our festival possible! The release is imminent and features a plethora of incredible and unforgettable 8static performances from the past several years!! GET EXCITED!!

And speaking of the festival, more news on that soon…

July 7th, 2014 by chipocrite

It’s only Monday, but July’s 8static is less than a week away! So better start working for the weekend and hyping yourself up RIGHT NOW… You only have a few days.

First up, we’ve got hunterquinn making the trek all the way from Cincinnati. He’ll rock your face off with some dirty, heavy LSDJams. Exciting!

Making an even further hike is Watabou, who also promises a full-on Game Boy assault. Hailing from Ann Arbour, Michigan, Watabou describes his project as an “amalgamation of extensive electronic programming, punishing physical externalization, subconscious realization, and constructive manipulation” of art and himself. Awesome!

And we’re really looking forward to bringing you Casshern! You’ve seen him manning the clipstream live feed; you’ve marveled at his open mic masterpieces; you’ve felt less well-dressed than him. Now you’ll get the chance to rock out with him during his first full 8static set. Outstanding!

And finally, but not least, we’ve got Hekkate on visuals. This will also be her first full set at 8static, and you can expect plenty of color, beauty and amazement. Spectabulous!!!

June 2nd, 2014 by chipocrite

We like to think that every 8static is special in its own way, but June’s lineup is a truly extraordinary treat. We were fortunate enough to align things in such a way that we could welcome a nationally touring powerhouse of pure chiptune energy, along with a local rising star, to our stage this month. I say this a lot, but you really do not want to miss this one.

First up, brace yourselves for the return of Defiant Systems, our hometown hero. You might remember seeing his Game Boy/Genesis jams at previous 8statics, including a fantastic full set just a few months ago. His dark but groovable songs are the perfect match for the rest of this night’s bill…

So, let’s talk about the rest of this night’s bill, yes? The SHADOWTRAVEL tour has been making its way across the country over the past few days, leaving nothing but blown-out subs and blown-out minds in its wake. All three of the touring performers — Nullsleep, Starpause and Stagediver — are living legends of the chip world in their own rights. Stagediver’s heavy and intense “amigacore” is quite a sight to behold; who could forget his Blip 2011 set, in which he literally destroyed his computer onstage and handed out pieces to the crowd? Starpause is an 8static vet, an energetic live performer and another seriously intense musician; I think we can all assume he (and perhaps several audience members?) will be shirtless by the end of his set. And what is there to say about Nullsleep when it’s all been said before? Moody, heavy, dark, danceable, noisy, beautiful. I don’t think I’d be exaggerating if I were to say this might be the most intense 8static lineup we’ve ever had.

If you’ve read this, consider yourself warned.

(Also, Starpause will be providing visual treats throughout the night as well!)

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April 29th, 2014 by chipocrite

Photo by Ben Mason

May’s 8static (M8static?) features a perfect, classic lineup that truly celebrates what’s so awesome about the chiptune world: A heavy-hitting dance machine, a local superstar, an international treat, and a visual mastermind. I challenge you to come up with a bill that’s more exciting and diverse than that!

TREY FREY will be returning from West Virginia with his unbelievable, danceable and unforgettable dance tracks. Fresh on the heels of his outstanding new release, “Refresh,” Trey has been wowing crowds all over the place, from his performance at 8static Festival in October to MAGFest in January and all points between and beyond. He’s one of those guys who truly pushes the boundaries of the Game Boy sound chip, so you’ll want to be there for this opportunity to see him up close.

We’re excited to bring back hometown hero Saint for another set full of smooth chip jams and unexpected surprises. Dain is a Philly mainstay and a local renaissance man, whose versatile experiences outside of the music world truly do translate into his tunes. You never know what you’re gonna get during a Saint set — funky pop, sweet vocals, intense dance jams, proggy masterpieces… Come to the show and find out what he’s got in store for us this month!

You’re also not going to want to miss Men Of Mega, a fantastic international surprise. One half of this awesome Holland-based duo will be bringing his fun, catchy, cheerful brand of chip across the Atlantic to rock Philly and represent the legendary EINDBASS crew!

Finally, but not least, on visuals is Baltimore’s unique and talented pixelseed. This dude has a knack for finding themes that match up perfectly with each performer, and his sets with TREY FREY in particular have gone down in history as uncanny matchups. Your eyes will not want to miss this!

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March 16th, 2014 by chipocrite
8static March 2014

Flier by ohhinaifu

You know, they say March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. But regardless of what happens in terms of the notoriously unpredictable Philly-area weather, we’re gonna have to amend that silly old trope in order to make up for the fact that the next 8static takes place at the very end of the month and features a killer, super-exciting lineup. This show — which we’ll again hold at The North Star Bar & Restaurant, 2639 Poplar Street, Philadelphia — promises to take us into the Spring in a manner that will be anything but lamb-like.

Kentucky’s classy Mr. Wimmer will bring his instrument- and vocal-infused chip rock to the stage. You might recall hearing him play some of his dreamy, Roy Orbison-influenced songs at previous open mics. We’re all very excited to see a full set, and you should be too!

Speaking of open mics, you also might’ve seen SNESEI showing off his super fun tunes before the main acts at previous 8statics. Hailing all the way from Detroit, SNESEI has already warned us that he plans to rock every single face with a high-energy, extremely danceable set. He’s a colorful character with even more colorful songs.

Rounding out the musical portion of this month’s bill is Philly’s own Ro-Bear, who will be returning to 8static to play some of his trademark melodic, meditative emo-chip awesomeness. He’s been a Philly staple for years, and his sets are always intelligent, fun and beautiful, so you should be excited to see what he’s got in store for us!

On the visual side, ohhinaifu is a super-talented, self-described “Pixel artist, Visualist, Illustrator, Graphic Designer, video game enthusiast” who will dazzle your senses. She’s also trekking from Michigan, so come on out and support her and these other decidedly more-lion-than-lamb performers as we carry you into April!

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If you were at last month’s 8static, you know how excellent The North Star Bar & Restaurant, 2639 Poplar Street, Philadelphia, is as a venue for our event. Many, many thanks to the North Star staff for helping us put on a great and successful show! With that in mind, we’re excited to be hosting February’s lineup there once again. Please join us at our fantastic new home!

You’ll see music from return performer Disassembler, who has been hitting up the open mics in recent months with his creative, melodic Nanoloop/LSDJ compositions. It’s been almost two years since we’ve seen him onstage for a full set, so we’re stoked to have him back!

And it’s been almost a full year since we’ve heard the dark and hypnotic sounds of Dauragon on the 8static stage. Another unique Nanoloop user, Dauragon is known for getting a truly original feel out of the program: moody and funky, danceable and intelligent.

Finally, you’ll get a bit of a different set from me, Chipocrite. Instead of planning out a setlist in advance, I’m going to be rolling a 20-sided die to pick each song, live and on the spot. You might get some old favorites, some rare covers, some new stuff.. I dunno! Don’t miss this unforgettable (in a good way, hopefully) “Chip O’ Chance” experiment!

For your eyes’ enjoyment, visuals will be provided by everyone’s favorite, Animal Style. What a renaissance man!

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